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Indexing Cyrillic Domains

Auto-Updatable Sitemap

This service allows you to generate and update XML Sitemaps for your websites according to a schedule. You manage your budget and update the schedule on your own. You can add an unlimited number of websites to your account.

Your Sitemaps will be updated automatically on the set schedule, which you can change at any time! You are always able to temporarily pause updates and delete a website from the schedule.

Updatable Sitemap

Connect an automatic Sitemap update to your website with a ready-made PHP script from our library.

Can be used without installation - after each indexing you can get the file on email.

Rate plans

There are two types of rates in the "Updatable Sitemap" service: "general" and "single". Payment is charged at each website processing.

For small Websites

The "General" rate depends on the number of indexed pages of your websites and is $0.02/100 URL. This tariff is most beneficial for sites with less than 10,000 pages.

For large Websites

"Single" tariffs are divided into four groups: "Single-1", "Single-2", "Single-3", and "Single-4". These rates have a different fixed cost, which is charged at each website processing. These rates are most beneficial to use for websites containing more than 10,000 pages.


$2.00 per Crawl

Indexing URLs: 25,000


$3.00 per Crawl

Indexing URLs: 100,000


$4.00 per Crawl

Indexing URLs: 500,000


$5.00 per Crawl

Indexing URLs: Unlimited

Please note: the selected rate is applied at the account level and is valid for all websites.

Initially, the account is on the "General" tariff. For switching (including repeated switching) to any of the "Single" rate plans a one-time fee in the amount of $1.00 is charged.

calculation Calculating the cost and choosing the best fare
Approx. Number of Pages:
Update frequency:
  General tariff Single-1 tariff
The cost of one indexation: $ $
Monthly cost: $ $

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