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Создание Sitemap

Создание и загрузка готового файла на веб-сервер, обновление robots.txt согласно протоколу XML-Sitemaps (добавление инструкции для поисковых систем).

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Создание RSS-ленты

Создание RSS-фида, включая возможность формирования полнотекстовой RSS-ленты для экспорта в Яндекс.Новости.

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Создание YML

Создание прайс-листа в формате YML.

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If you do not have enough time or you do not have special skills for working with XML-technologies for web sites - we will take this work to specialists. Our programmers and quickly produce high quality work to create a site map or RSS-feed for your Internet project.

In the process, will be made a preliminary analysis of your website and compiled the best algorithm for indexing. Delivery of finished files to E-mail or installation on a web server for the provided FTP-access.

When ordering any services provided with free connecting the gateway to automatically update * on your web site (the installation script and add the server instructions. Htaccess).

The term of order processing - 48 hours (+ the time required for indexing the site).

The price does not include the cost of a regular index, which is charged separately.

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